Data Protection Act Policy

BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd is registered under the Data Protection Act.

The BACK-TRACK system includes a data collection device that records an individual's exposure to manual handling risk factors. This data is identifiable to an individual and is therefore classified under the DPA as personal data. It is not however a health record as determined by the Data Protection Act.

This data is transmitted from the data collection device to BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd's database using an encryption programme and is therefore protected from access by a malicious third party.

The collected data is made available to BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd's customers via a secure log-in and password. The management determine who will have access to the data via a user login.

BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd will not distribute or make this data available to a 3rd party without the written permission of the owner of the data, i.e. BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd's customer.

BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd's employees have been trained and are familiar with the requirements of the security of personal information as it applies to the Data Protection Act.